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Hurray! Japanese Language, Level 1 Completed


I’m not sure if I would’ve just titled this post as “Takoyaki” instead. Excessive Takoyaki alert! [smart-grid row_height=”100″ last_row=”justify” margins=”5″ randomize=”true” style=”8″] [/smart-grid] Class ended Finally, we completed our Level 1 Japanese language lessons and we ended it with a splashing Takoyaki goodness cooked by Yuko-Sensei herself and with the help of my highly motivated […]

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IloIlo City

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On my way home from SM City Iloilo, I rushed a couple of shots on the overpass pedestrian lane. Good or bad shots count if I am to become a good photographer. Let me know what you think about the shots I took in the comments section below. Here’s the place I’m talking about if […]

Because every bit count