Scuba diving is a sport that many humans take pleasure in, and it’s fun for almost anyone, except perhaps folks that can’t swim and are scared of water. It is not without its risks, however during any outdoor hobby or sport, injuries can be sustained and most times even fatal ones, by undertrained or poorly equipped divers.

Before you dive your head on into the water, you need to first put together the way to go about it. Since you will be immersing yourself into a totally different environment, you will need to make the proper preparation to ensure you enjoy it the best and safest way.
The first thing that you have to look for is a superb diving instructor. This is very vital due to the fact you cannot get all the essentials simply by means of studying alone. There will be need for hands-on training and other additional instruction that a diving instructor will give you.
My Experience as a newbie:
I first reached out to the crew at the Dive Bus several months ago. I was interested in possibly diving when I went to Apo Island. However, there was some fear of the unknown. Diving was fun. It entails simply staying on the top of the water, looking down at what is below, however continually thinking of what was further down. Dave and I deliberated on whether we wanted to get certified for open water diving or wanted to get our feet wet with Scuba Diving.

As the excursion date came closer, Dave and I had to book different excursions to ensure that we had a lot to do when we get to Apo Island. We made up our mind to spend our first full day at the Dive Bus and we are happy we did. It turned into a tremendous start to the trip. Our instructor was outstanding. He made learning scuba diving easy and exciting. Any nerves I had going into the instruction were gone before we stood inside the water ready to rock and roll. We saw heaps of fish, corals, invertebrates, and so much that you wouldn’t believe existed. Our instructor was so brilliant that we quickly decided to go back the next day for a repetition of the Discover Scuba Dive. If we did not reserve activities for other days, I am self- confident that we would have decided to work toward open water certification. The second day was awesome in that we remembered most of the things we were taught on the first day so were able to dive immediately. Our instructor helped me with my camera settings and made sure that we were able to take amazing pictures at various depths. He is a self-professed “fish nerd” and before we went into the sea we made a list of fish and other animals we were going to be looking out for. We noticed many of them using various hand signals to tell what we were looking for . It worked out unexpectedly as it led to some brilliant sights and extraordinary experiences.

At the end of the second dive, I am confident in going back for the full certification. Being 30+ feet underwater turned into what I anticipated plus so many more. None of this awesome time would have been possible if it wasn’t for a great dive operation, the Dive Bus, and a splendid team with our instructors getting everything right together and also being outstanding teachers. I strongly recommend scuba diving to everyone.