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We all want our photography to rise in creativity. There is absolutely no definitive solution to become more creative, however, you will discover techniques that would help to inspire you. Themes are just one of them. So why don’t you try it out and see what happens. To me capturing a theme is among the […]

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The Essence of a Great Portrait

If you find portrait photography difficult, then you’re not alone. Interacting with another person at the same time as using a complex camera, and combining the two activities to make a pleasing image isn’t easy. There’s a lot to think about, even if you’re already familiar with your camera and have put in some good preparation time.

Aside from the lighting, the background, the composition, the pose and the expression, there is also the question of what even makes a pleasing image. Will the subject like the way they look, which is their best side, is their hair perfect, what’s the best angle to shoot from for their particular shape of face? […]

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