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Scuba diving is a sport that many humans take pleasure in, and it’s fun for almost anyone, except perhaps folks that can’t swim and are scared of water. It is not without its risks, however during any outdoor hobby or sport, injuries can be sustained and most times even fatal ones, by undertrained or poorly […]

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Hurray! Japanese Language, Level 1 Completed


I’m not sure if I would’ve just titled this post as “Takoyaki” instead. Excessive Takoyaki alert! [smart-grid row_height=”100″ last_row=”justify” margins=”5″ randomize=”true” style=”8″] [/smart-grid] Class ended Finally, we completed our Level 1 Japanese language lessons and we ended it with a splashing Takoyaki goodness cooked by Yuko-Sensei herself and with the help of my highly motivated […]

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IloIlo City

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On my way home from SM City Iloilo, I rushed a couple of shots on the overpass pedestrian lane. Good or bad shots count if I am to become a good photographer. Let me know what you think about the shots I took in the comments section below. Here’s the place I’m talking about if […]

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